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Slovakia Travel Guide

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When it come to tightening the loose ends, and get set for the trip, you need to be wary regarding many considerations. The first thing to be handled carefully is your passport stamped with right visa. Whether you go by flight of train, you need to be cautious about the tickets and necessary documents. Get your wallet filled with exigent papers and documents. A move to Slovakia can well be handled well once you keep in mind the following considerations and travel guide to Slovakia. The peak tourist seasons are mid July to late August in the summer and mid December to February in the winter. If you do travel in these seasons, it is wise to try to arrive as early in the season as possible. Travel in the off-season in Slovakia is even quieter than in many other countries, and both nature and tourist services seem less tired, as if it's all really there just for you.  Late springtime (April and May), though sometimes still a bit chilly, is particularly beautiful, with city streets and out-of-the way forests washed clean by rain and melting snow, and a generally brilliantly-colored outdoors. Just get set and make your mind in kick off mood, while keep an eye to the above Slovakia travel guide forwarded for your convenience and comforts.

If you think of reaching in Slovakia by air, Czech Airlines has frequent connections to Prague; Air Slovakia flies from Bratislava (BTS) to Tel Aviv and Kuwait; and Tatra Air flies daily to Zurich. There's a departure tax of around 6.00. Realistically, though, Bratislava is only 64km (40mi) from Vienna and 215km (133mi) from Budapest: most travelers are going to stay grounded. Several daily buses and trains link Vienna and Bratislava and there are numerous trains to Budapest. There are no direct trains from West Slovakia (including Bratislava) to Poland; all connections are via the Czech.


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