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About Slovakia

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About Slovakia - It is a peaceful country, with beautiful scenery. Slovakia   is a landlocked republic in Central Europe. It borders the Czech Republic in the northwest, Poland in the north, Ukraine in the east, Hungary in the south, and Austria in the southwest.

There are a number of lakes, rivers and wetlands and about twelve thousand springs of thermal and mineral waters. Over forty percent of the Slovak Republic comprises of forest. Trees are coniferous firs and spruce with some deciduous trees, such as ash, beech and oak.

The Slovak Republic has a number of preserved castles and historical buildings of architectural note. Their architecture is in harmony with the surrounding nature and the geographic relief of the country. The cuisine of the Slovak Republic includes many types of pastries and cakes, for example, cakes with curd cheese filling, fruitcake, honey cakes and gingerbread. Kolache is a traditional pastry.

All about Slovakia - Cities in Slovakia include Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Trenčín, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Prešov, Košice. Before the arrival of the Slavs in the fifth and sixth centuries, Slovakia was populated by Celts and Germanic tribes. In 1918 the Slovaks joined the closely related Czechs to form Czechoslovakia. Following the chaos of World War II, Czechoslovakia became a Communist nation within Soviet-ruled Eastern Europe. Soviet influence collapsed in 1989 and Czechoslovakia once more became free. The Slovaks and the Czechs agreed to separate peacefully on 1 January 1993. Slovakia joined both NATO and the EU in the spring of 2004. Slovakia is becoming one of Europe's focal points for travel and tourism. "Slovensko" in the native language of Slovak, officially named the Slovak Republic.

The country enjoys moderate weather and a prime map location, bridging east and west. Its thousand year history offers a great deal to visitors. The second-largest city of Kosice is a centre of heavy industry, but also of architecture and multiculturalism.


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