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Slovakia bears with a long history. Following is brief account of Slovakia history. The original Slavic population settled the general territory of Slovakia in the 5th century. Slovakia was part of the center of Samo's empire in the 7th century. The highest point of the 9th century proto-Slovak state known as Great Moravia came with the arrival of Cyril and Methodius and the expansion under King Svatopluk. Eventually, Slovakia became a part of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th-14th centuries and as such was later part of Austria-Hungary prior to 1918. In that year Slovakia joined with the regions of Bohemia and neighboring Moravia to form Czechoslovakia. Following the break-up of that country after the Munich Agreement of 1938, Slovakia became a separate republic in the Slovakia that would be tightly controlled by Nazi Germany. Post World War II Czechoslovakia was reinstated and came under the influence of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact from 1945 onward. The end of communist Czechoslovakia in 1989 during the peaceful Velvet Revolution also meant the end for Czechoslovakia as a whole and a creation of two successor states; Slovakia and the Czech Republic went their separate ways after January 1, 1993. Slovakia became a member of the European Union in May 2004 marking a new phase in the History of Slovakia


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