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Slovakia Culture


With an interesting historical background, Slovakia exists amongst the western countries with a sense of pride. Though relatively unknown, Slovakia has a lot of wonderful assets for the visitors who land in from different places across the globe. This country overcame its state of lost recognition after the Magyars invaded it over a thousand years ago. Slovakia struggled hard to be known as a nation state. Slovakia history and culture is an interesting subject to be explored and you would enjoy observing the stunning facts and fabulous natural and modern assets. Culture of any country is the most suitable stuff which you can study to observe the jovial side of it. Exploring Slovakia culture will give you a fair idea of rich traditional values this country possesses.

Slovakia culture is rich in folk tradition that very nicely amalgamates with the influence of European trends. Because of the control by the foreign governments, the evidence of Slovak's culture's repression is quite clear in every form, whether it is art, literature or music. Music and dance are at the prime traditional aspects of this country. You will find the Slovak folk music quite entertaining and popular throughout Slovakia . Different regions have their own distinctive cultural, tradition, and musical assets. Slovakians from a specific region perform their dance and music in their unique attires which look magnificently impressive.

Rava, Liptov, Saris and Horehronie regions of Slovakia are some of the popular destinations where folk dances are the prime source of entertainment. Bottle dance from Saris region is one of the popular dances amongst the inhabitants. Hats, shoes, boots and ribbons are the integral parts of Slovak costumes and these costumes have got the same importance as national costumes. You land in here once and a number of fabulous cultural aspects welcome you to fill the color in you traveling extravaganza.


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