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Slovakia: A Dream Destination (18-June, 2007)

In Central Europe, a small, beautiful and landlocked country lies with plethora of natural, ancient and modern attractions—that is none other than Slovakia which boasts of superb cultural, Social, historical and traditional assets. Apart from the cities, the traditional villages and strong folk traditions enthrall the tourists who wander through the hilly countryside. Very few countries in the world match Slovakia when it comes to possessing huge fortresses and castles. These impressive ancient architectures are solid evidences of rulings and domination in the history of Slovakia. So, do not get surprised to know that it became an independent nation only in 1993.

In the ancient buildings, you can find some foreign influences, especially in 18th century rococo town buildings. Gothic churches and a few 15th century town squares also impress you with their design and architectures. As the north Slovakia is studded with forests and mountains, you can always have great hiking and skiing experiences. Come to Poprad and you come across a huge geothermal lake. And a friendly resort built on this fantastic lake further encourages you to spend time here.

Bratislava, the capital city has the largest area and features stunning Carpathian Mountains which extends from the Iron Gate of Romania. If you are traveling by train, do not miss out on the wonderful views of vineyards on the slopes of the Little Carpathians where they meet the Danube River. A spa town named Trenciánske Teplice in west Slovakia is also a worth visiting destination. With thermal swimming pool, five hot Sulphur springs and a Turkish bathhouse in the middle, this town offers you a nice base for relaxation of mind, body and soul.

Though Cachtice Castle’s remains are not something to look at, atop the castle, you can enjoy the beautiful view of adjacent regional nature reserve. Mala Fatra National Park is also a nice destination to spend quality time. Trails, ski lifts and a cable car further increase the enjoyment. In the grounds of Bratislava castle, the excellent Museum of Jewish Culture have some fabulous display of Slovakia’s history and culture. Jeweled with all such nice traits, Slovakia can definitely be a dream destination of anyone.

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